Berlitz Client Testimonials

"I have been doing German lessons for a month and thanks to my teachers motivation I feel way more confident and fluent. Staff is super friendly and helpful, everyone in Berlitz is so kind and I really really appreciate what they're doing to help me reach my goal. "

Ana Sofia

"In the last day of the month August 2018, I finished and passed the French test level 1 at Berlitz. I want to thank everyone for everything you’ve done. Special thanks to my teachers, Samuel and Ofelia, who supported me to understand and study French. Thanks Berlitz’s staffs for being so nice and friendly. You helped me to enjoy my Summer Break in studying new language. This sets my steps in studying and improving my French Speaking progress. Hopefully, I could be able to again study here as long as my schedule are not busy at University. If not, I also try my best to keep reviewing and improving it. "

Wendy Lu

"Thanks to Berlitz for the French refresher course. The Toronto Language Centre did a tremendous job!"

Navdeep Bains, MP

Federal Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

Thank you to Berlitz Vancouver Language Centre for the hard work that has gone into helping me brush up on my French!

Jonathan Wilkinson

Member of Parliament

I enjoyed learning and speaking English at Berlitz Vancouver. At first, I was a little afraid of talking to someone in English. I had more speaking time here than at my previous school in Vancouver. After finishing all my lessons, I am now able to enjoy talking in English. Thank you, Berlitz Vancouver!!



Awesome berlitz!!! I'm from Japan and I had studied English at other schools in downtown Vancouver before enrolling at Berlitz. In the other school, I did not have the chance to ask questions coz there were over 15 people in class. But here, I feel comfortable because the teacher is very kind and takes care of each student's needs. I recommend this school to someone who wants to learn English seriously and who want to get the knowledge and confidence to speak English.



Berlitz Vancouver is a wonderful place for learning English. I am from China and my friend and I had studied at Berlitz Vancouver Learning center for two weeks. I highly recommend that you study there if you really want to improve your English level in an efficient way The teachers at Berlitz Vancouver are so professional and nice, as if I'm studying English with close friends from home. Other staff are also very friendly, and they provided me many useful tips on study, travel, food and more. The environment at Berlitz Vancouver is quite different with other schools where I have learned before. The class is more exclusive and students have more time to speak in class. Most importantly, Berlitz has a unique learning method and level system, which helps students to learn in an immersive way in their most suitable level. The school is located in downtown Vancouver, a 5-min.walk to Canada Place and the harbor. Beautiful views, especially in summer. I will definitely be going back to learn during summer next year.


IT Executive

I have been taking lessons at Berlitz for five months and I know so much Mandarin already it's awesome. Maylin is a really good teacher, she is really kind and fun to talk to. Reception staff and everyone that works there are pleasant, and have been available to talk when I needed them. By far the most encouraging educational experience I've had since I can remember.



I started studying French at Berlitz with Liina about four months ago and I'm beyond thrilled with my progress. I've tried to learn French at college several times, but that style of learning has never clicked for me. The method that Berlitz uses has made such a difference; it looks like I'll be achieving my lifelong dream of having a second language after all! Liina is a brilliant teacher who pushes me but also makes me laugh, a LOT. Jacquelyn sets the tone of the school with her warmth and compassionate listening. Tomoko is so positive and helpful that she makes me feel right at home as soon as I walk in the door. I've come so far in such a short time; I feel confident that upon my return to France next summer, I'll be holding conversations comfortably. Thank you, Berlitz Vancouver!


Business Executive and PhD Student

I highly recommend Berlitz Vancouver for learning a new language. I have been studying French grammar with Berlitz online and augmenting those lessons with the intense vocabulary instruction at Berlitz Vancouver. The staff and instructors at Berlitz Vancouver are charming and have delightful senses of humour. I am so surprised by the degree of my progress!

Pamela H.


"Thank you for supporting me on my mission to learn German. I enjoyed every lesson and feel confident practicing my new skill with others. I’ll miss coming to Berlitz everyday. I really appreciated the high level of service, flexibility, and hospitality, and I know my instructors also enjoy working for Berlitz!"



"Thank you for your kindness during my stay in Vancouver. I will always cherish the memories. The Level 2 Berlitz Certificate will be my treasure for life. Also, I was very touched by the message card from everyone. I will continue studying English so that I will be able to help visitors from around the world during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!"

Hiroaki Yamagata

2020 Tokyo Olympics Volunteer

"It was a pleasure to be with all the teachers and staff at Berlitz Vancouver. Thanks to your wonderful team! And a special thought for your customer service representative for excellent customer service!"

Rhéal E. Fortin

Interim Leader of Bloc Québécois

Learning a language is not easy, but the Berlitz method has proven to be efficient and rewarding. The teachers are so patient and encouraging, they work so hard to see all their students succeed in communicating in the language they’re learning. The entire team at Berlitz are the most passionate and supportive group of people. Your success feels like their success. I would highly recommend Berlitz to anyone wanting to learn a new language in a safe and encouraging environment.

Athena Pantelis


Berlitz Study Abroad Program provided an excellent avenue for me to practice speaking English in a totally new environment. I was immersed in speaking only my target language and I had fun interacting with new friends and living independently. It was a bit challenging at first to speak only in English, but I soon got used to it and truly enjoyed it.

Haruhi Ota

Visiting teen student

Berlitz Vancouver gave me a “dream-come-true” experience - the city, my homestay family, and my instructors provided me with a very comfortable and happy environment in which to study. I took a TOEIC exam after coming back to Japan, and my score far exceeded my goal. Thanks to the entire Berlitz team – I’ve gained confidence to speak the language fluently!

Midori Asaka

Visiting overseas student

The choice of perfecting my English at Berlitz allowed to deepen my knowledge and especially to focus on what I lacked the most. I am satisfied and ready to face the labour market. Without the Berlitz Team it would not have been possible. The teachers are highly skilled, dedicated and always available to students. I am leaving this experience with great memories, satisfied and happy!

Wislande Cleophat


I appreciate having a conversation with a professional who helps improve my speaking and listening skills. Also, the extra tasks that have been assigned to me are very helpful. They are great for practicing my reading and writing skills.

Jonathan Cardone


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