Published : Jun 9, 2017

Why Canada is the Best Place to Learn English

English is the lingua franca of the world today. It is spoken throughout the world for business, travel and academia. Because English is so widely spoken, where then is the best place to learn a brand of the language that will be the most understood.


I would argue that Canada is the best place to learn English. Let’s start with the country itself. Canada is amazing. We have some of the greatest metropolitan cities in the world that are consistently ranked as the best places to live. The big three cities, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto are the centres of culture and commerce for the country, while places like Calgary, Ottawa, and Halifax are not bad places to visit either each with their own unique flavour and slice of Canada you would quickly come to love.


Canada is a multicultural mecca. You name a culture or a people and I guarantee you they call Canada home. Canada is unique as a country as well in that it embraces this multiculturalism, making it a part of who we are as a people. Canada is not just one culture, we are made up of thousands all under the banner of the red and white maple leaf flag.


Our way of speaking


Canada has two official language; English and French. English is the majority language of the country and French is spoken across the country but mainly concentrated in Quebec. As a place to learn English, Canada is perhaps the best in the world. Our English is a wonderful mix of our British colonial roots, with a great influence from our southern American neighbours and a little bit of French influence just to spice things up a little.


The Canadian accent is often thought of as “neutral”, meaning the way a Canadian speaks is a perfect balance between either side of the English accent spectrum; the Queen’s English accent on one end to an American Hillbilly on the other. The Canadian accent is that of news reporters and movie stars, so typically Canadian as to not offend the ears of its listener. So if you are looking for a brand of English that is the most widely recognized, understood and respected then look no further than Canada.

Learning English should be fun, engaging, and not make you stress out. Berlitz has been teaching English as a second language for decades using its proven Berlitz Method of teaching. We offer the easiest and most effective method of learning a second language in the world and our Canadian staff are ready to welcome the world, whether you are looking to learn English from scratch, perfect your skills, or become fluent, Berlitz has the right program that will suit your needs and get you on the path to speaking English with confidence.

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