Published : Jan 18, 2017

Ottawa Language Learning in Focus: Excellence in Language Training for Governments

In government being able to communicate effectively in more than one language is an essential skill to have. In Canada this often requires speaking both English and French. However, in today’s globally connected world two languages often is not enough for those having to interact with other government officials from around the world. The Berlitz Ottawa Language Centre has been the location where Federal Government officials from all departments have turned for years to learn a new language.

Larry Gauthier, Director of Berlitz Ottawa Language Centre, has helped countless government departments attain the level of language skills they need to do their jobs more effectively. “For more than ten years as Director, I have helped government workers, aides, officials, senators, and others to find the language program that is right for them, and get them the fast results they need,” said Larry. “We make sure to tailor the lessons to our clients needs, whether in a group setting or for a top official in private.”  


Language training is not the same for everyone. The Berlitz Ottawa Centre has been working with governments for decades and knows that a language program is going to be alot different for each student. The Berlitz Method of teaching focuses on client needs to deliver those results. “The personal attention each of our clients get is unlike anything in the industry,” said Gauthier. We really want the client to get everything they can out of their language training, so we make sure to meet with each client to understand their goals before the courses begin.”

What Berlitz Ottawa also knows is that government officials don’t always have the time to attend regular classes. This is a reason Berlitz has developed its Virtual Lesson Programs. With the virtual programs you have access to the same course materials and professional instructors that you find at the Ottawa Language Centre, but in a virtual environment. From an airport lounge in Mumbai, or on a break from a Senate budget meeting, the Berlitz Virtual Programs can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Access to language is access to power. In the world of politics and government knowing how to speak more than one language and speak it well is an essential ingredient into having one’s voice heard above others. Whether you choose to learn throught the virtual program , our group lessons , or in our exclusive private lesson program , we can tailor every program to your organizational goals.


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