Published : Aug 16, 2016

Making Yourself More Marketable with a Second Language

Competition in the work place is getting more and more competitive. Countless young men and women are looking for work. Are you one of the many young people who are struggling to find full-time work? If so, have you considered learning a second language? If not, here are several ways being bilingual can make you more marketable in this still tight job market:

  • You'll Qualify for Many New Jobs: The Huffington Post Canada highlighted  one story  of a new graduate who benefited from learning French. Thousands of bilingual jobs in the public setting are available each year, and many don't get filled because there simply aren't enough bilingual applicants. In fact, if you want a government job in Canada, you should  learn French . Out of 180,000 applicants, nearly 72,000 are designated bilingual.
  • You Might Move Up the Ladder More Quickly: We live in a global business community. Those who are able to communicate with major trading partners, such as those from France, Spanish-speaking countries, China and Japan, will be more likely to take on greater responsibilities and earn better job titles.
  • Your Application Will Be Better-rounded: Learning a second language shows that you are able to pick up new skills and do something outside of your comfort zone. In addition, bilingualism has been shown to improve critical thinking skills and memory.  

There are so many benefits to learning a second language that being more marketable in the job market is just the tip of the iceberg. You can take steps to learn French or another language today with the Berlitz Method.  Visit our website today at to see how.

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