Published : Dec 21, 2016

Learning a Language in the 21st Century

Technology has greatly affected the way we operate in the world. It has given rise to a global economy, brought cultures together, and made the world move in a completely different fashion. This dramatic shift in the way the world operates means that to succeed, knowing just one language can leave you behind.

However, in a world that is moving so fast many of us are not able to invest the time or effort to use traditional classrooms. With Berlitz Virtual Classrooms, you are no longer tied to a location, learning from the comfort of your living room, the lobby of an airport, or in your hotel room while on a business trip. With the Berlitz Virtual Classrooms you are able to learn anywhere or anytime that suits you. We know that in this new reality, time might mean 3 p.m. for some, while 3 a.m for others.

But you are not completely on your own. The Berlitz Virtual Classroom is a purposely chosen blend of self-study, instructor-led online interaction, and face-to-face (Skype, Facetime etc.) lesson plans and practice. This is designed around the way the student wants to learn. Berlitz is unique in the understanding that no two people learn the same way.

Embracing technology has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for those who would like to learn a second language. Whether it be French, English, Italian, German, or some other this new way of learning provides access to the same educational tools that were normally reserved for people in larger city centres. Second language learning is now open to the world, whether you live in rural Newfoundland or in the suburbs of Toronto. Access to our Virtual Classrooms brings learning a new language to every corner of the world. Begin your new language adventure with Berlitz Virtual Classroom.

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