Published : Oct 2, 2017

Learning a Language Improves Your Mind

Learning a Language Improves Your Mind

Learning a second language can help your career, but it can also make you healthier.

A wide variety of research indicates learning another language can:

  • Delay or prevent the onset of dementia by stimulating your brain and improving information processing
  • Improve listening skills by forcing you to listen carefully to nuances of different languages. In Italian, for example, it’s important to distinguish the subtle difference between papà (father) and Papa (Pope). The only difference is a slight stress on the second “a” in Papà.
  • Improve memory
  • Improve cognitive ability

Children, starting as young as four years old, also benefit from language learning. In addition to cultural enrichment, research has shown they develop better problem solving skills, are more creative, are better at multi-tasking and have higher self-confidence. This translates into a better academic performance, particularly in math and reading.

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