Published : Nov 1, 2017

How Italians Identify Tourists

Ever walk into a store in Italy and the employees speak to you in English before you say a word. Some reasons may surprise you:

  • Your shoes: Italians are more likely to wear leather shoes; sneakers or other footwear (except for designer sneakers—a new trend) are dead giveaways, particularly in Italy
  • Shirts with pockets: much more common among North Americans than Europeans
  • Fanny packs: no surprise here
  • Pants with cuffs: most western Europeans usually go cuff less
  • Wearing shorts: only on the beach
  • Tipping: waiters are better paid than in North America so tips are much smaller

Not that it’s bad to be perceived as a tourist; in fact, there can be benefits. In many European countries locals go out of their way to help visitors, and many like to practice their English.

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