Published : Jan 18, 2018

Early Language Learning; Easier for Kids, May Make Them Smarter

Canadian school students start learning a second language at a much older age than in some countries, but somewhat younger than in others.

Students must take language lessons starting in grade 5 (about age 10), according Language Trainers USA and Canada Blog, compared to age 6 in Italy, France and Mexico. The starting age is 12 in England and Germany.

The same is not true in the U.S. where budget cuts have forced many schools to drop foreign language classes even as the demand for foreign-speaking employees has doubled. In fact, only 15 percent of U.S public elementary schools offer language instruction, according to the American Academy of Arts and Science.

A wide variety of research shows language learning is much easier at an early age, and also provides many developmental benefits, including increased brain capacity.

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