Published : Jan 9, 2018

Cultural Learning: Fun, Enriching and Enjoyable

It’s well documented and well publicized that training to learn about other cultures can enhance business skills, make you a more important employee and open opportunities, particularly foreign assignments.

However, there are many important reasons to understand other cultures

  • Learning about other cultures and understanding how other people do things may actually prompt you to change your behavior. You may discover new ways of doing things. Many cultures handle tasks differently than others. You may learn how to do something more efficiently and better.
  • Cultural learning can reduce misconceptions and stereotypes, and help make you a more tolerant person, which may make your life more enriching and enjoyable.
  • Understanding cultures in other countries can help you understand our own country. Almost 200 languages are spoken in Canada and some experts believe there are almost as many cultures.
  • Learning about other cultures can be interesting and fun. You can learn about other countries without being there.

Try to avoid, however, cultural learning through traditional media, which can sometimes focus on stereotypes share prejudices without even knowing it. Cultural training is the most effective approach, and should be enjoyable as well as effective.

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