Published : Feb 7, 2018

Bilinguals: Healthier, More Worldly, and In Demand

According to a wide variety of research, here are five important reasons for learning a second language, and encouraging children to do so:

  • Being bilingual can actually make you smarter; tests show people who learn a second language at a younger age actually have denser grey matter in locations in their brains, and have better analytic skills. In older people, language learning can delay dementia.
  • Bilingual children are able to focus and concentrate better in school; older bilinguals can also focus better on tasks.
  • Compared with people who know only one language, bilinguals are more curious about other cultures, are more worldly, and better able to understand their own cultures.
  • People who know a second language are more in demand in the workforce, giving them more options.
  • Bilinguals are more accepting of other people, exhibit less prejudice and are more successful at dealing with people of other cultures.
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