Published : Feb 23, 2017

Best Languages for Kids to Learn: French, Spanish, German, and Mandarin

More and more parents are realizing the benefits of their kids learning more than just one language. Numerous studies show that learning a second, or even a third language boosts cognitive, memory and listening skills and also boosts a child's confidence. 

The world is only getting smaller more parents are seeing tangible benefits to speaking more than just one language. But what language is the best for my child?

Learning a second language is a wonderful gift for a child, but there are certain factors to consider when picking which one to study. For some parents, learning a language of their heritage is important. This language might not be the most useful in terms of real world usage, but it means the continuity of their shared history. For some parents they want to guide their children into a language that might best suit them later on in life for career aspirations. Some parents will wait until their child is old enough, and let them decide. No matter the motivation, the choice to learn a second language early on is a good one. So here are a few languages that we believe are good second languages to have for the native English speakers out there. 


As one of the official languages of Canada, it is only natural that anyone living in, working or visiting our great country should learn French. For careers, French is one of the best second languages to know. Throughout the world it is one of the most common languages in the business world and for travel it helps in many countries as well. 


One of the most popular second languages to learn, Spanish is a great choice for most people. It is the third most spoken language in the world, and is generally a lot easier for the native English speaker to learn given its similarities to many English words and phrases and it's part of the Romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan) which is a good base to start if you ever want to add another one of those languages. Like French, Spanish is also a great language to have for future career opportunities as well given its prominence in the world. 


As the most commonly spoken language in the world, Mandarin is a very safe bet for a parent to choose for their kids. As China is one of the world's major economic centres, for future career aspirations it is a great language to have on any resume. Also despite its linguistic difficulty for adults, children often find Mandarin to be easy to learn because the character look like pictures thereby appealing to their more visual minds and the language itself has a rather sing-song element to it making it easier to teach than say German. 


As one of the strongest European economies, German is a great choice for a second language. Plus because English is a Germanic-Language, the two share many commonalities in words and grammatical structure making it a little easier to grasp. The country is also one of the top visited places in the world and over half of Switzerland and Austria speak German as well. 

Whatever language you choose your child will benefit. Doors that would have been closed to them in the future are suddenly open and you will find they will walk with added confidence. Berlitz has the programs and tools to help kids and teens learn a new language in a fun, easy, fast, and interactive manner that will only benefit them in the end.  Click here to find out more about Berlitz’s programs for kids and teens.  

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