Published : Jul 17, 2018

Berlitz Student: “ get the best of everything”

Megan Difrancescantonio, data and reporting analyst at Agnico Eagle Mines Limited in Toronto, needed to learn French. She had received a promotion at work requiring her to work closely with her company’s Quebec operation, as well as other locations. She soon found that learning French with Berlitz at the Berlitz learning centre wasn’t the chore she thought it was going to be. In fact, it was enjoyable.

Q. Why did you decide to learn French?

A. My promotion included working with our Quebec team. To be successful, I needed to be able to communicate with them in French.

Q. How does knowing French affect your professional life?

A. It enabled me the opportunity to communicate with a lot of people I couldn’t speak with before. I can now travel to Quebec with confidence.

Q. How does knowing French affect you personally?

A. There are a lot of ways, including little things. “I can call a taxi without help. I can make the reservations when I go out with other people (non-French speakers). I have even begun to notice that sometimes I actually think in French.

Q. How did the Berlitz learning style help you in your language learning?

A. The Berlitz conversation style made a big difference. Berlitz doesn’t teach just translation.

Q. How were the actual classes?

A. I had three different teachers and each focused on something else. One focused on pronunciation, one focused on grammar, one focused on vocabulary; you get the best of everything.

Q. How would you rate your experience learning another language with Berlitz?

A. It’s great! The staff has been great, not just the teachers. They’re really welcoming. I had to learn French for work, but when taking the Berlitz classes, it doesn’t feel like that when I’m there.

Q. Was anything particularly helpful?

A. We rehearsed real-life scenarios, such as how to make a taxi reservation. Those were really helpful.

Q. What would you say to someone considering learning a second language?

A. I was surprised how quickly I learned and how much I retain. My advice is just go for it.

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