Published : Feb 24, 2017

Berlitz Calgary Learning Centre In Focus: New Location in Downtown Calgary

Berlitz is excited to announce a new location for its Calgary Learning Centre right in the middle of Calgary’s downtown at  311-6th Avenue SW, Suite 250 . The Berlitz Calgary Learning Centre has been delivering quality language learning to the city for years, and this new location will help in solidifying Berlitz Calgary position as the company to help individuals and business optimizing their language learning experiences.

The Berlitz Calgary Learning Centre is not your average language school. Where many language schools seek to jam as many people as possible into one class room with an overwhelmed instructor and a tired lesson plan, Berlitz has always put learning of the language first. The Berlitz customer is always first, and no matter what your needs are when it comes to learning a new language, Berlitz has the program and the professional staff to accommodate.

Bridget Porter B.Sc. Commerce, CELTA, is the Director of Berlitz Calgary. She is a native of Calgary and has brought to Berlitz her vast 40+ years of educational and managerial experience. She see’s the potential that Berlitz offers, which will make a positive impact on both the personal and business goals of each Calgarian. Especially for those who want to change their lives. “After decades of teaching, curriculum development, and managing educational institutions, I was presented with the opportunity to become the Director of Calgary Berlitz. It was an easy choice,” she said. “Calgary is a great city, it is also my city. We have people from all walks of life coming through our centre. I particularly like working with global corporations and helping their staff learn a new language to compete on the global stage, and to watch how it affects their daily operations, and enjoy knowing that we were a small part of their success.

As the premiere provider of language training and intercultural services, Berlitz Calgary is the place for individual and corporations to come if they are looking for an innovative and effective approach to learning a new language. No matter the skill level or language goals, we pride ourselves on meeting the client's needs and prepare them for success in the new global environment. “We are not just a place to learn a language. Berlitz is so much more,” said Oyman. “People come here to learn language skills and within that they also learn communication skills, intercultural skills, and management training. We pride ourselves that when a Berlitz learner walks out our doors, they understand that communication goes way beyond languages and is qualified to speak with confidence.”

If you are an individual or business seeking a competitive edge, the Berlitz Calgary Learning Centre, will help achieve your goals. Whether you want to learn in private, in a group, or take advantage of our virtual lessons programs, Berlitz Calgary can tailor a language training program specifically for you. Berlitz Calgary has a team of professional instructors from around the world, fluent in the language you need. Whether you want to teach your kids Chinese, learn French for a corporate presentation, or take a beginner Spanish class for that two-month long stay in Spain, Berlitz has the solution that will teach those language skills in the fastest and most effective way. 

Berlitz Calgary Location

311 6 Ave SW #250,
Calgary, AB
T2P 4M9

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