Published : Apr 24, 2019

A Simple, Step-Wise Approach To Understanding Other Cultures

Here’s a simple process to begin preparing to work, live or visit areas with different cultures than your own.

  • First, determine that differences exist, and acknowledge the gaps.

    This will likely involve some study and research to understand the cultures of the country in which you plan to live or visit. Make an inventory of your own traditions, opinions and biases. Then make an inventory of the traditions, opinions and biases of the region you plan to visit, and then compare the two. This is a great way to understand the differences. Tools and services, such as the Berlitz Cultural Navigator® is a great way to accomplish this, quickly and effectively.
  • Study how these cultural differences developed.

    These may be based on religion, region, historical events, or many others. You will have a better understanding of the people you are or will be visiting and/or working with; also, this may help overcome any biases of your own.
  • Give a lot of thought how you should adapt to fit into the cultures of others.

    This is another solid advantage of training from the Berlitz Cultural Navigator, which will lead you along this path.
  • Be aware of how people are perceiving and reacting to you.

    Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. That’s an important way to learn and grow.
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