Published : May 2, 2016

4 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn a New Language

Parents today are always looking for an edge for their children in a constantly evolving and competitive society.  One way to provide an advantage for your children is through learning a new language at a young age. Here are 4 reasons why children should learn a new language:

1)  Globalization- The world is an increasingly connected and globalized. Introducing language learning to children at a young age enhances their ability to flourish in a bilingual and multicultural society. It improves their ability to communicate and interact with others, as well as opening their eyes to cultures beyond their own. This can greatly enhance future job prospects and open future careers.

2) Improvement of Native Language Ability- Research on the benefits of language acquisition shows that knowledge of a foreign language helps to boost the understanding of languages in general, including the more effective use of one’s native language. Accelerated reading achievement in their native language as well as improved memory and listening skills are among the benefits of  language learning for kids .  Research demonstrates over and over that foreign language knowledge leads to improved literacy and positively affects students’ grades and test scores. 

3) Improving Chances for College and Grad School Acceptance- Studies demonstrate that for each year of foreign language learning there will be incremental improvement on SAT, ACT, and GRE test scores. Beyond that most colleges and universities require at least two years of high school foreign language instruction. Many elite colleges look for three years. Parents can make this process easier by exposing their children to foreign language acquisition at a young age.

4) Enhanced Cognitive Ability- Research also shows that foreign language study boosts problem-solving skills, memory, and self-discipline.  This translates positively to math, reading, writing and other important skills and academic subjects.

In the world today single language speakers are at a disadvantage relative to their multi-linguistic peers. Enhanced employment prospects, improved native language skills, higher test scores, and greater cognitive ability are just four of the many reasons savvy parents today seek to expose their children to a new language.

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