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Learn A Language…But Which One?

It has been documented anecdotally and through statistical research that knowing a second language can help further your career, create more job options and increase your income. However, unless you plan to become a polyglot, the question is which language to learn aside from Canada’s official languages, English and French.

Berlitz Student: “ get the best of everything”

Megan Difrancescantonio, data and reporting analyst at Agnico Eagle Mines Limited in Toronto, needed to learn French. She had received a promotion at work requiring her to work closely with her company’s Quebec operation, as well as other locations. She soon found that learning French with Berlitz at the Berlitz learning centre wasn’t the chore she thought it was going to be. In fact, it was enjoyable.

Canada’s Language Evolution

Canada is officially a bilingual country, with English and French the official languages. In reality, however, Canada is becoming less and less bilingual and more and more multilingual, increasing the need to learn new languages.

Thinking in Another Language

The best way to learn a second language is through a proven structured program such as the ones offered by Berlitz. There are many things, however, you can also do to build on what you learn in class.

Berlitz Student: Language Learning—A Great Experience, Creating New Opportunities

Shannon Carlin works for the Parks Canada Agency in Calgary. She is taking one-on-one French classes at the Berlitz Learning Centre in Calgary, primarily to further her career but there have been other benefits.

The Process of Creating a Cross-Cultural Work Environment

Few employers would disagree about the need for effective cross-cultural training programs in today’s fast-moving, multi-national business environment, preparing employees for foreign assignments and creating a more effective, happier workplace at home.

Learning a Second Language Can Help Your Child for Life

It has long been known, and well publicized, that learning a second language can stimulate the minds of older adults. Language learning can help keep you mentally sharp, improve cognitive skills and even reduce the chances of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Berlitz Student: Language Learning Opens Professional and Personal Opportunities

Mrs. Catalina Veneziano, Learning & Development Manager of Western Canada for Compass Canada, a national food service and supply company, learned French at Berlitz to help her succeed at work. She found, however, the benefits of Berlitz language learning go well beyond that.

Managing Multi-Cultural Teams

A lot has been written about preparing for a foreign assignment and the need to understand and appreciate other cultures, but there’s not as much information about the issues you may encounter managing a multi-cultural team, or how to handle them.

Canadians: Being Bilingual Is a Good Thing

More than eight in 10 Canadian adults say it’s a good thing that Canada is bilingual, according to a national government survey.

You’re Never Too Old To Learn a Language

Much has been written and said about how it’s so much easier for children to learn a new language than for older adults. But how old is too old?

Culturally, What You Do May Be More Important Than What You Say

There are more ways to convey a message than just words. Sometimes, nonverbal clues are even more important, and differ dramatically from culture to culture.

The World’s Languages, Things You May Not know

Languages are more than just collections of letters and symbols. There are surprising and interesting facts about how they developed and how they are used.

You May Not Believe How Alphabets Vary

There are about 7,000 languages in the world. And while some have common roots, others are dramatically different.

Bilinguals: Healthier, More Worldly, and In Demand

According to a wide variety of research, here are five important reasons for learning a second language, and encouraging children to do so:

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