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You’re Never Too Old To Learn a Language

Much has been written and said about how it’s so much easier for children to learn a new language than for older adults. But how old is too old?

Culturally, What You Do May Be More Important Than What You Say

There are more ways to convey a message than just words. Sometimes, nonverbal clues are even more important, and differ dramatically from culture to culture.

The World’s Languages, Things You May Not know

Languages are more than just collections of letters and symbols. There are surprising and interesting facts about how they developed and how they are used.

You May Not Believe How Alphabets Vary

There are about 7,000 languages in the world. And while some have common roots, others are dramatically different.

Bilinguals: Healthier, More Worldly, and In Demand

According to a wide variety of research, here are five important reasons for learning a second language, and encouraging children to do so:

Taking the Anxiety Out Of Multi-Cultural Presentations

Making presentations can make even the most seasoned executive nervous. Presenting to people of different cultures can positively make their knees shake.

Early Language Learning; Easier for Kids, May Make Them Smarter

Canadian school students start learning a second language at a much older age than in some countries, but somewhat younger than in others.

Cultural Learning: Fun, Enriching and Enjoyable

It’s well documented and well publicized that training to learn about other cultures can enhance business skills, make you a more important employee and open opportunities, particularly foreign assignments.

Thousands of World Languages; Hundreds in Canada

There are almost 7,000 distinct languages spoken in the world, and French and English aren’t even close to being the most common.

Doing Business in Latin America

Latin America is a fertile area for business growth. It is rich in natural resources (Venezuela and Colombia, for example, have vast reserves of oil, natural gas and metals), and is relatively close to Canada.

What Motivates People to Learn a Second Language; And How to Stay Motivated

There are many reasons why people want to learn a second language. Research shows that business, personal enrichment and travel are the top reasons in Canada.

How Italians Identify Tourists

Ever walk into a store in Italy and the employees speak to you in English before you say a word. Some reasons may surprise you.

Learning a Language Improves Your Mind Learning a Language Improves Your Mind

Learning a second language can help your career, but it can also make you healthier.

Often when people think of cultural learning, it’s in the context of preparing an employee for a foreign assignment. However, cultural differences also exist in the domestic workplace, and how they are handled can have a significant effect on profitability, efficiency and employee morale.

Learn From Other’s Mistakes Why Foreign Assignments Frequently Fail

A foreign assignment is one of the costliest investments a company can make in a single employee.

Costs can run from about $400,000 to more than $1 million a year, according to the Society for Human Resource Managers. Yet, between 40 percent to 50 percent of foreign assignments are unsuccessful (higher in some developing countries), costing businesses hundreds of millions a year.

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