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Fast. Effective. Affordable. 

The hard work pays off.

  1. Learn quickly – 3 hours of lessons per day for 10 days
  2. Face-to-face or with a live instructor online
  3. Engaging native-fluent instructors
  4. Highly effective based on the conversational Berlitz Method®

Intensity = Language Learning Success
Spend more time learning, less time reviewing. Achieve your goals faster with Berlitz. The one that works.®

The Berlitz Method®

Learn a new language the same way you learned your native language, naturally. Our 138-year-old proven, conversational approach immerses you in your new language, making learning fast and easy.

Here are a few languages you might be interested in learning: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Arabic, German, Italian, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Cantonese and Portuguese.

Language. Culture. Opportunity.


Lead a meeting in their native language.

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*Offer valid through January 2, 2018. Must enroll by January 2, 2018 and classes must begin by February 2, 2018. Available at participating Berlitz Learning Centres. Languages may vary by location. CyberTeachers is available in selected languages.

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