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Canada is a big country with a lot of space between our language centres. That is why we have a very effective online virtual lessons program that gives you access to the Berlitz method® and the full spectrum of our classes.

Discover a program that best suits you

Berlitz is the world’s premier provider of language training and intercultural services, with a footprint in more than 70 countries. For over a century, our drive for innovation has led us to build a comprehensive portfolio enabling our clients to communicate with confidence and be successful in a global environment.

Private Lessons

Berlitz offers one-on-one private lessons tailored to your specific needs. Our unique approach allows you to learn quickly and effectively so you can be speaking in no time.

Group Lessons

Language is about bringing people together and at Berlitz we offer special group classes that are designed specifically to feed off that need to communicate with others.


Virtual Lessons

The Berlitz virtual classroom allows you to learn a language at your own pace and wherever you see fit. From the comfort of your living room couch or lounging in a local café

Free Online Assessments

Berlitz provides complimentary language placement testing to help determine the level at which your language learning journey begins.


Cultural Training, Not Just for Expats

Often when people think of cultural learning, it’s in the context of preparing an employee for a foreign assignment. However, cultural differences also exist in the domestic workplace, and how they are handled can have a significant effect on profitability, efficiency and employee morale.

Few people are surprised that language differences can cause miscommunications. However, lack of knowledge about cultural norms can be just as damaging, or more, not only creating issues in the workplace, but personal animosity and, perhaps most important, failure to meet customer demands.


The Berlitz Story

Berlitz has a proven methodology that has worked for our customers for over 138 years.

We have helped companies and individuals overcome language and cultural differences, manage diversity and leverage similarities for maximum performance. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn a new language, improve your language skills, or a company leader looking to make international deals, you know you can trust us to:

  • Help you reach your language goals in the shortest time
  • Teach at your individual pace and needs
  • Provide effective face to face learning environments
  • Offer the most cost-effective solutions

Study English in Canada

A standard of excellence around the world.

There is no better way to learn a language than surrounding yourself with its native culture and people. That’s exactly the experience Berlitz Study Abroad offers. With Berlitz Study Abroad, you’ll learn both inside and outside the classroom.

Success Stories

"Thanks to Berlitz for the French refresher course. The Toronto Language Centre did a tremendous job!"

Navdeep Bains, MP
Federal Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

"Thank you for supporting me on my mission to learn German. I enjoyed every lesson and feel confident practicing my new skill with others. I’ll miss coming to Berlitz everyday. I really appreciated the high level of service, flexibility, and hospitality, and I know my instructors also enjoy working for Berlitz!"


"Thank you for your kindness during my stay in Vancouver. I will always cherish the memories. The Level 2 Berlitz Certificate will be my treasure for life. Also, I was very touched by the message card from everyone. I will continue studying English so that I will be able to help visitors from around the world during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!"

Mr. Hiroaki Yamagata
Retired Business Executive
2020 Tokyo Olympics Volunteer

"It was a pleasure to be with all the teachers and staff at Berlitz Vancouver. Thanks to your wonderful team! And a special thought for your customer service representative for excellent customer service!"

Rhéal E. Fortin
Député de Rivière-du-Nord
Member of Parliament
Interim Leader of Bloc Québécois

Thank you to Berlitz Vancouver Language Centre for the hard work that has gone into helping me brush up on my French!

Jonathan Wilkinson (Member of Parliament)

Learning a language is not easy, but the Berlitz method has proven to be efficient and rewarding. The teachers are so patient and encouraging, they work so hard to see all their students succeed in communicating in the language they’re learning. The entire team at Berlitz are the most passionate and supportive group of people. Your success feels like their success. I would highly recommend Berlitz to anyone wanting to learn a new language in a safe and encouraging environment.

Athena Pantelis (Businesswoman)

Berlitz Study Abroad Program provided an excellent avenue for me to practice speaking English in a totally new environment. I was immersed in speaking only my target language and I had fun interacting with new friends and living independently. It was a bit challenging at first to speak only in English, but I soon got used to it and truly enjoyed it.

Haruhi Ota (Visiting teen student)

Berlitz Vancouver gave me a “dream-come-true” experience - the city, my homestay family, and my instructors provided me with a very comfortable and happy environment in which to study. I took a TOEIC exam after coming back to Japan, and my score far exceeded my goal. Thanks to the entire Berlitz team – I’ve gained confidence to speak the language fluently!

Midori Asaka (Visiting overseas student)

The choice of perfecting my English at Berlitz allowed to deepen my knowledge and especially to focus on what I lacked the most. I am satisfied and ready to face the labour market. Without the Berlitz Team it would not have been possible. The teachers are highly skilled, dedicated and always available to students. I am leaving this experience with great memories, satisfied and happy!

Wislande Cleophat

I appreciate having a conversation with a professional who helps improve my speaking and listening skills. Also, the extra tasks that have been assigned to me are very helpful. They are great for practicing my reading and writing skills.

Jonathan Cardone

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