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Learn From Other’s Mistakes; Why Foreign Assignments Frequently Fail

A foreign assignment is one of the costliest investments a company can make in a single employee.

Costs can run from about $400,000 to more than $1 million a year, according to the Society for Human Resource Managers. Yet, between 40 percent to 50 percent of foreign assignments are unsuccessful (higher in some developing countries), costing businesses hundreds of millions a year.

Learning Another Language: It’s Good for Business and Good for You

Business travelers who know a foreign language are a big plus. It can also be a boost for the employee’s career.

Easiest Language in the World to Learn

Some languages are easier to learn than others. That is a fact. But are their languages by their very nature that are easier to learn over others? Find out...

Oldest Languages in the World Still in Use

Some of the earliest forms of communications were through gestures and vocal grunting if you will. It wasn’t until much later in human evolution that we began to develop the language centres of our brains.

Why Canada is the Best Place to Learn English?

Canada is the greatest country in which to learn English. We have the natural beauty, we have the metropolitan cities, and we have a brand of English that is the most sought after in the world.

Top Ten Reasons to Learn Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Its not as difficult to learn as some might believe and will open a world of possibilities.

What is the Language of the Future?

The idea that English will forever remain the dominant lingua franca of the world is absurd. There was a time that Latin was the most widely spoken language and not too long ago French was considered to be the international language of choice spoken by artists, businessmen, and thinkers around the world.

The Language of the Body

Although language plays a big part in communication, the majority of how we interact with one another is through the gestures we make with our hands, the body position we take, or the way in which we curl our lips.

Berlitz and the language of love

It’s the season for love. On this Valentine’s Day, thousand upon thousands of romantic hearts are seeking to connect with another in the world and as your mother always told you, there is someone out there for you. But what if the day finally comes when you meet that one person, your soul mate, but he or she doesn’t speak English. How are you going to profess your undying love for them? Berlitz is here to help.

Berlitz Calgary Learning Centre In Focus: New Location in Downtown Calgary

Berlitz Calgary Learning Centre is proud to announce its new location where it can continue to provide its innovative language training services to the great city of Calgary.

Berlitz Toronto in Focus: New Location in Downtown Core

The Berlitz Toronto Learning Centre has recently moved to a new office in the downtown core to continue to offer its innovative language training services to the surrounding business community.

Best Languages for Kids to Learn: French, Spanish, German, and Mandarin

So you want your kids to learn a new language, but don't know which one to choose. Here are the top four languages to learn for kids and teens.

Ottawa Language Learning in Focus: Excellence in Language Training for Governments

In government being able to effectively communicate in more than one language is an essential skill to have. The Berlitz Ottawa Learning Centre has been the location for officials to learn a new language.

Berlitz Montreal Language Learning in Focus

The city of Montreal is perhaps one of the best places to learn a new language. It is without a doubt the multicultural capital of North America, boasting two official languages (French and English) and a major destination for students and travellers from all over the world.

Learning a Language in the 21st Century

Learning a new language in the 21st Century is now easier than ever. With Berlitz Virtual Classroom we make it easier to learn wherever and whenever you want.